How To Get Quality Auto Finance Leads ?

50 State Auto Loan has the ability to generate highest quality Auto Loan leads. We scrub our special finance leads generated from SEO, PPC, and Affiliates. All our auto loan leads are delivered in real time and exclusive. We pass only quality auto finance leads to our buyer. Even if there are any bad leads we will pay back for the leads that are bad with valid reason.

At 50 State Auto Loan our special finance leads meets following criteria average credit score is in the mid 500 range. Gross monthly income is above $1700.Over 1 years at the same residence and, 1 years at the current employer. Minimum down payment is between $ 500-1000. We do have lead scrubbed in-house for our dealer criteria we can do that for our dealer based on the requirement of our dealer and lead buying partner. Many dealer spent 1000’s of dollar on marketing and buying special finance leads that has no ROI and gives no car sales and many dealer were victim of such bad leads and they  keep on buying bad auto finance leads from bad lead provider or from a provider that charges highest $ on leads.

The time has come where all dealer and buyer need to be aware of choosing the right lead vendor for their need that is less expensive and provides auto finance leads which is more productive and gives more revenue. 50 State Auto Loan has the ability to deliver quality auto loan leads at less expensive price at just $ 10

50 State Auto loan is one of the nation’s leading auto finance lead generator and special finance lead provider and it could be a solution for you to but special finance leads from us to sell more cars and generating more revenue. We commit highest ROI on our leads we sell our leads for just $10 to any buyer and dealer and no one can beat our price for real time auto finance lead. If a dealer spent less on real time auto loan leads they make more revenue and waste less money on leads. So here is your chance to grab this opportunity of buying real time auto finance leads at $10 and sell more cars with it and earn more revenue and highest ROI. It’s not the time to think it is your day and your time to act.

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